Our equipment is manufactured, assembled, and certified in Loveland, CO, USA. For support equipment we utilize superior grade, tried, and confirmed gear from trusted providers and accomplices of our own. 

Quality Extraction and Refining Process

Quality Assurance

Investing into Quality Control equipment and procedures is necessary for initial product testing, quality assuring your finished product and accurate labeling.

Featuring: EEF SFC-CO2 Extractor and Chromatography System – $10,000  &  LightLab3 – HPLC Analytical System – $13,000 

C02 Extraction

This method of extracting botanical oils is considered one of the safest and cleanest ways to extract oils which require little to no post processing. (Extract 1oz-10lbs at a time).
Featuring: The LB-Series CO2 Extractor – starting at $10,000

CO2 Extraction

Ethanol Extraction

This method of extracting botanical oils is one of the quickest ways to extract in large bulk quantities. Post Processing is required. (Extract 15-220lbs at a time).
Featuring: Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge – starting at $10,000 

Solvent Recovery

When using ethanol to extract your botanical oils you will need a way to recover your ethanol. We have the equipment to meet your solvent recovery needs. (Recover 2L – 200L an hour)
Featuring: Thin Film Evaporator Package – TFE200L – $150,000

Filtration & Remediation

Prior to distillation and depending on the end-product you have in mind, you may want to put your oil through additional filtration to remove waxes, chlorophyll and other undesirable compounds. Additionally, if you are looking for a cleaner concentrate product that isn’t so dark in color and doesn’t have a tinge of plant flavor then you can use additional filtration to remediate that for you. (.05L – 200L Capacity) (Inline and Stand Alone)
Featuring: Advanced SFC Liquid CO2 Filtration System – $10,000 
Vacuum Filtration System 50L/100L/200L – $6,000-$30,000 


After your solvent is recovered from your crude oil, the oil will need to go through a final refining process to assure all solvent is completely removed and to separate compounds to make a purer concentrated oil. (1L-50L an hour)
Featuring: 20L Short Path Distillation Turnkey System & Installation – $26,200
MDS-10 Molecular Distillation System – starting at $75,000

Crystallization, Nano Encapsulation, H20-stabilization

After the distillation process is complete further product characterization can take place such as crystallization, isolation of specific cannabinoids, or making a water stable product.

Featuring: 200L Nutsche Dryer for Filtration and Crystallization – $75,000 

SD2L Spray Dryer 2 Liter/hr. and installation – $9,500

Support Equipment and Controllers (Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Pumps, Heaters, Chillers)

Backing hardware, temperature regulators, individual parts and segments to all our gear and units, and more can be found here. We utilize superior grade, tried, and confirmed gear from trusted providers and accomplices of our own.
Featuring: ACS100S HighVac Dry Screw Pump (ideal for falling films) – $17,500 (save $500)
Across International Vacuum Ovens – from $2,000 – $38,000 (save 5% with us)
Across International Recirculating Chiller (kitted with 20L SPD system) – $2,365 (save 5% with us)