Jackhammer Dual-Layer Vacuum Cold Trap (Stainless Steel)


  • Dual-layer design gives you 2X condensing areas
  • Stainless Steel
  • Jackhammer style connectors allows multiple cold traps to be connected on the same platform (level)
  • Heavy duty lab stand for stability
  • Utilizes dry ice or liquid nitrogen for optimal efficiency
  • Comes with scissor jack for easy collection flask removal
  • Easy to clean all stainless construction
  • Small footprint





 Cold trap  Dual-layer design, 304 stainless
 Vacuum inlet/outlet  KF25 flange             
 Collection flask  3 liters, glass with 35/20 joint
 Setup dimensions (WxDxH)
 16 x 18 x 37
 Shipping weight  55 lbs


 Part description  Quantity
 Stainless steel cold trap with two KF25 vacuum connection and one KF25 drain port 1 set
 3L collection flask with 35/20 joint 1 pc
 Heavy duty lab stand with two cold trap supports 1 pc
 Lab scissor jack 1 pc
 Collection flask cork ring stand 1 pc
 KF25 to 35/20 joint adapter, stainless 1 pc
 35/20 flask clamp 1 pc
 KF25 clamp and centering ring 1 set




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